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Scan, Download, Register

  1. From your smartphone or tablet, download the SuCasa Health app (scan QR code or click).  Video here.
  2. Open the app, click “Join SuCasa Health” and use the invitation code given by your health care provider when filling out the registration form. 
  3. Check your email for a message from SuCasa Support and click “Verify email” to confirm your account. 
  4. Someone from our care team will then contact you to arrange for your personal device to be sent to your home, answer questions and explain any next steps. 
  5. Questions?  Email or call 877- 277-7115

After You Enroll

  • You will receive a connected health device that provides real time data for your care team.
  • Your physician and care team monitor and manage your health at home
  • The process requires less than a minute a day of your time for automated readings.
  • Consistent health measurements can produce measurable improvements in health and fewer emergency visits. 
  • Easy, safe, and convenient.

Services Your Provider Could Recommend

Remote Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring (“RPM”) uses digital technologies to gather physiologic data from patients at home and transmit that information to SuCasa Health clinical care teams for analysis, intervention and submission to your provider. Remote monitoring devices collect various forms of health data, including vital signs, blood pressure, heart rate, and electrocardiograms, among others. Providers can use this data to monitor patients’ health conditions, provide recommendations, and/or make changes to a patient’s care plan. 

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (“RTM”)
is a new category of services that utilizes remote monitoring for a limited number of non-physiologic devices and self-reported data. 

Monitoring Devices

Care Management

Care Management consists of establishing, implementing, revising, and monitoring a care plan for patients with transitional or ongoing health concerns.  The services we provide are all reimbursable by Medicare and include:

Principal Care Management (PCM): For a patient with a single chronic condition

Chronic Care Management (CCM): For a patient with multiple chronic conditions

Complex Chronic Care Management (CCCM): For a patient with multiple chronic conditions and high complexity

Transitional Care Management (TCM): For a patient transitioning from one care setting to another, or to home

All typically 
focus on advanced primary care aspects such as a continuous relationship between the patient and a designated care team member, providing support for chronic diseases, 24/7 access to care, preventive care, and timely sharing of health information, all of which are often performed outside the face-to-face context.

It is for this reason that Remote Patient Monitoring services often go hand-in-hand with PCM 
and CCM services. These often require a significant amount of attention and RPM can help practitioners keep track of their PCM and CCM patients’ conditions on an ongoing basis without requiring the patient to travel to the physician’s office

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